Lemon + Blueberry Birthday Cake

By now you know our obsession with baking. We love how you get to make something out of scratch. Eggs, milk, flour, and butter make you something completely different and out of simple… Continue reading

4 Ways to Eat Roses this Valentine’s Day

The 14th of February is always heart marked on our calendars, for it’s the perfect day to celebrate love in every shape and form! With or without another pair of hands to hold… Continue reading

How I survived a broken phone

Just a couple days before Christmas and quite frankly the most instagramable time of the year, my precious, relatively new phone broke down. Actually, it didn’t just break down; it suffered a get-on-my-nerves… Continue reading

Happy New Year!

We have these lovely traditions in Greece, we make a cake every new year’s Eve and we hide inside a golden coin. So, on New Year’s Day, we cut the cake and a lucky… Continue reading

Christmas Gift Boxes

Christmas is all about giving love and things made with it. We always like to create beautiful little DIYs to give to our friends. This year we decided to make gift boxes, where… Continue reading

Christmas Date Night Ideas

Christmas is such a warm season, the perfect opportunity for snuggly dates with your cutie. I always loved the long walks to the fairy light covered streets, going to the Christmas festivals and… Continue reading

How to slow down + enjoy life

Living in big cities, working, studying, trying to fit everything into 24 hours gets us restless, running around, feeling down. Our busy way of life makes us forget that life isn’t about rushing… Continue reading

Slow living in Autumn

Autumn is this magnificent season where everything is getting richer and prettier. The temperature is falling, people start to gather up, life gets purposeful and the weather is changing. For us, autumn is… Continue reading

Burgundy Velvet Cupcakes

We love to enjoy some good dessert once in a while, and cupcakes make such a lovely weekend breakfast or tea companion! They are quite sweet but next to bitter coffee or unsweetened… Continue reading

Syros: A Travel Diary

Every summer is a new adventure, new places, new friends. With ever pacing year you have this kaleidoscope of colors and shapes of summers long gone. We always loved small cities. You can hardly call an… Continue reading