Happy New Year!

We have these lovely traditions in Greece, we make a cake every new year’s Eve and we hide inside a golden coin. So, on New Year’s Day, we cut the cake and a lucky person wins the golden coin, a present and good luck for the rest of the year! We love our traditions, they’re festive and positive and the always set a good vibe.


This year we decided to make a carrot cake, some sugar cookies shaped like little houses and make a little town out of it! We got inspired by Linda Lomelino’s cake and we thought we give it a try. We got nowhere near to her perfect cake, but we gave it our best and it tasted great!


However, New Year’s Day isn’t just about the presents, the champagne, the photos or the cakes. It’s about making a new start, crossing this threshold for another year working towards what we really want to achieve. What I’ll do is pause, think of all the things I accomplished this year, and reset my perspective.

For me, this is being more creative, make more things from scratch, start a new hobby, buy a pair of red shoes and stop beating my shelf for things I can’t control. Sometimes you need to let go of the ideas you have about life and let it take you where you should be!

Now, enough with the heavy!
Let’s have fun!


Happy new year everyone, filled with love, joy, and happiness!
What are your new year’s resolutions?