Bridal Strawberries + Cream Tart

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The days before your wedding day are full of moments that will follow you throughout your life. It’s the time you’ve been waiting for so long, probably what you’ve been dreaming since you were a little girl. Weddings are all about the lovely couples. The one your heart desires, your prince charming, your one and only – or less dramatically- the person you love spending time with! However, weddings are usually moments when families come together when friends you haven’t seen in ages come again into your life to celebrate you and your loved one!’


We believe that weddings are not complete without your best friends. Whether it’s your bridesmaids or simply your squad for life, your friends are the glue that keeps everything together. We think it’s important to save a day prior to your wedding and dedicate it to your friends. Take a long walk, enjoy some time on the beach, go for a lovely brunch or, in our case, bake a strawberry tart with flowers, pour some strawberry tea and watch “Bride Wars” on Netflix! It’s the simple things in life that make it worth living. The moments you spend with your friends making flower crowns and drinking champagne, with Polaroids on the floor and wishes to be happy and forever in love.


So, for us here in The Life Lab. HQ the perfect pre-wedding hen party consists of flowers, sweets, pink champagne (or tea!) and movies. We suggest putting flowers that match your wedding bouquet all-around your house and make flower crowns with your friends. Then, pour in chilled flutes some pink champagne with chopped strawberries and carnation petals. Switch your flat-screen on and put “Bride Wars”, “About Time” or “Letters to Juliet” on Netflix. Lastly, and quite frankly why all this is about, bring your magnificent strawberry tart with edible flowers for everyone to enjoy!


Here’s the recipe!

For the crust you will need:

100 grams of icing sugar
200 grams cold butter (in squares)
1 egg
300 grams flour

For the cream you will need:
250 grams cold heavy cream
100 grams of icing sugar
300 grams cream cheese
zest of one lemon


How to:
1. In a mixer bowl mix the butter, icing sugar, egg, and flour until they are combined.
2. Divide in two and put one piece of dough in the freezer for a second tart.
3. Let the remaining dough rest for 30 minutes.
4. Roll the dough in a 4cm thick pastry and put in a tart dish.
5. Put a piece of cling film on the pastry and fill with rice.
6. Bake for 15 minutes.
7. Remove film with rice.
8. Bake for another 15 minutes or until golden.
9. Let cool and remove crust from the dish.
10. Beat the heavy cream with the sugar until fluffy.
11. Add the cream cheese and the zest and beat for 3 minutes.
12. Slice some strawberries and put them at the bottom of the tart crust.
13. Pour the cream on top.
14. Put in the freezer for 30 minutes.
15. Decorate with fresh strawberries + strawberry jam.
16. Enjoy!











Watch your friends smile in delight as they take the first bite of this lovely summery dessert! Take pictures, make jokes and wishes for the future, have a chill time before your wedding day. This is a lovely opportunity to hang out with your friends without fussing, for some quiet time and sleepover-like fun!

Be present, slow down, laugh a lot and have the best time ever!

What are you planning for your bachelorette party?